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Prince Rupert and Area

Community Response Network

Responding to Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Self Neglect.
Pat Russell - Coordinator
136 Cormorant Place, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 4G3
ph or fax 250 624 2031

Mission Statement
The Prince Rupert and Area Community Response Network will assist adults who have been abused or neglected or neglect themselves and refer them to appropriate resources. We support the Adult Guradianship Act and the use of Representation Agreements.

What is a CRN.
A Community Response Network is a group of people and organizations who come together in the community to coordinate, support, and provide assistance to adults who are experiencing abuse, neglect, or self neglect.

What Will the CRN Do?
Working together as a team, members of the Community Response Network will:

What will the CRN Look Like?
No single model of response works in every community. Each approach will reflect the unique characteristics of the community and will build on existing community strenths. The individuals and organizations that currently respond to abuse, neglect and self neglect will continue to do so. Their activities will be supported and strengthened by the involvment of the CRN.

Who can be Members of the CRN
Members of the Community Response Network can include:

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